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What You Need To Know about Garbage Disposal Replacement

The main function of a garbage disposal unit is to ensure that the sink and the plumbing fixtures do not get clogged. The two main components of a garbage disposal unit are the stationary bolts that are fixed to a spinning disk. Every component of the garbage disposal unit is vital as they assist in grinding the debris against a stationary grinder. The other key element of the garbage disposal unit is the high speed of the system that permits the crashing of the debris into small units which are then moved down thereby preventing blocking the pipes.

At times, the garbage replacement systems do encounter mechanical problems hence preventing them from operating, in such cases, homeowners go through a rough time. One of the reasons as to why failure of a garbage disposal unit can be challenge g is that the debris would not be moved to the collection points hence blocking the pipes. It is vital to replace the spoilt garbage disposal unit when it break down since the clogged debris can produce bad smell thereby making your house be unhygienic.
The following are steps to replacing a garbage disposal unit. In order to ensure that the replacement process runs smoothly, you need to have all the components that you will use in removing the spoilt garbage disposal. Since the system runs on electricity, you need to ensure that you have turned it off to avoid electrical shocks.

The next step is to remove the garbage disposal unit by twisting it off of the mounting nut. After removing the disposal unit, you need to take out the remaining water and debris from the unit. When you want to remove the plate covering the electrical connections, you need to turn the unit upside down.

Once the old unit has been remove, you need to install the new hardware. The new unit needs to be placed with a rubber seal to prevent the outflow of water and debris. The mounting rings need to be attached with screws.

When you want to remove the know out of a plug, and the garbage disposal is connected to a dishwater drain, a hammer and a screwdriver can be used for that purpose. To remove any unwanted object inside the unit, you need to turn it upside down and shake.

You need to seal the sink flange to the sink using a sealant. Sealing is vital as it lowers the chances of water and other wastes from getting out of the pipes. One of the recommended sealant is silicone since it guarantees fewer chances of leakages either now or later.

Though sealing guarantees no leakages, it is still important to test the system for any sign of leakages. In order to replace garbage disposal system with a new one, you need to pay attention the above steps.

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